Working with partners and commercial activities

We are proud to be a collaborative organisation, working with a wide range of organisations to develop and bring tomorrow’s treatments to today’s patients. Clinical excellence and innovation have helped us get where we are today and remain at the heart of everything we do.

How we do things is just as important, and our strategy is clear about building meaningful partnerships with organisations who share common goals.

We work with many different organisations to help achieve our ambitions to deliver excellent clinical services to our patients and wider communities. This includes working with local, regional, national and international partners to continue to develop networks of specialist services and ensure that our specialist expertise can be easily accessed in the best way to add value to patients. As well as a proven track record of providing excellent international consultancy for cardiothoracic disease, we are in the unique position to offer expert advice on clinical planning within a new hospital.

Throughout our history, we have worked with industry partners and leading healthcare centres to develop modern cardiothoracic medicine and we are well placed to provide clinical assessment of cardiothoracic services and implementation planning within international healthcare markets. In recent years we have provided training to 72 international hospitals across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. In addition, our consultants provide education courses across the globe and we are recognised as world leaders in this field. We offer tailored packages to the individual’s specialist interests and to the level of training appropriate to their skill set.

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We are seeking to develop services with partners and patients in local, regional, national and international networks so that our specialist expertise can be accessed easily. We are always interested in exploring partnership opportunities with organisations that share our values.

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