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The purpose of patient and public involvement 
The premise of patient and public involvement (PPI) is that the involvement of the public in all aspects of the research process leads to research that is more relevant to the public's needs and concerns, is more reliable, and is more likely to be used to improve health and social care services.

PPI involvement in research is an active partnership between the public and researchers in which the public are involved with decisions about the research, such as helping to decide what is researched, how the research should be carried out and what should be done afterwards. This can happen at any stage in the research process, and may be ongoing throughout the duration of the research project.

INVOLVE is a national advisory group that supports greater public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research. They offer a large range of information and supporting documents that explain patient and public involvement in research in detail. INVOLVE describe three levels of PPI. These are often interlinked and complement one another;

  1. Involvement – where members of the public are actively involved in research projects and in research organisations.
  2. Participation – where people take part in a research study.
  3. Engagement – where information and knowledge about research is provided and disseminated

For more information about participating in research please visit our taking part in research page. If you would like more information on getting involved on a practical level such as literature review, study design or becoming a patient research ambassador please contact Chrissie Mills. Further information about the national campaign can be found on the INVOLVE website