The Innovation Fund is a collaboration between Royal Papworth Hospital's Charity and Research and Development Directorate.

The innovation fund is specifically intended to support feasibility or pilot work that will provide results or other information that will permit or otherwise enhance the likelihood of securing external peer-reviewed research grant funding. The fund aims to support innovations which will have a direct impact on patient care both locally and nationally.

The scheme is open to all employees of Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust; Non-medical researchers are encouraged to apply for the awards. Applications from individuals with Honorary Contracts with the Trust are welcomed providing that the grant will be held at RPH and the research is conducted in collaboration with a named Trust employee and/or that the Trust will be the named lead institution and grant holder in any subsequent application to external funding sources. Individuals who are in receipt of a current Innovation Fund award are not able to apply for another award as the main applicant.

Please see the attached Guidance Notes and Application Form for full details on how to apply.

The next call for funding will be towards the end of 2023.