At Royal Papworth Hospital we pride ourselves on the quality of care that we provide for our patients. Knowledge in health care is continually changing and we cannot afford to stand still if we are to maintain and improve these standards.

We therefore have a very active research programme at Royal Papworth Hospital – evaluating new ways of diagnosing and treating diseases and new methods of delivery and organisation of care.

This is why we ask all patients who come to Royal Papworth Hospital to be aware of the research ethos of the hospital and to take some time to consider any requests to participate in our studies. Royal Papworth Hospital is dedicated to making research both relevant and accessible to the general public, to patients and their carers. Patients understand the impact of their disease and needs better than many medical professionals. They may also have important ideas about what research would be most beneficial to their lives; this is why patient involvement in research is so valuable. There are a number of ways you can get involved from taking part in research to helping guide the research pathway by getting involved in the project team and advising on study design.